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1. On your Proposal submission we request a Target Completion Date as a guide for us to help serve you better, target dates are not absolutes and are in no way to be considered as promises to meet your deadlines. We make no guarantees to any timed deadlines of any kind and you release us from all responsibilities for losses you may incur.

2. You agree that you have fully read and reviewed the services outlined in the proposal you are now purchasing and that any and all consultation or inquires have been made prior to you purchasing this proposal from The Reactor Works. If for any reason you are not clear on the service as outlined in your proposal we urge you to ask for further review and clarifications.

3. You further agree that this proposal is for the purpose of conducting business with The Reactor Works; it may not be reproduced for distribution via any type of medium for the purposes of shopping the open market for other quotes (unless this is a stand-alone consulting report). This proposal is a copyrighted document.

4. By accepting these conditions and creating this order, you understand that the quoted services for this project or phase may be part of a larger project and that the tasks that The Reactor Works will perform are limited by this proposal. Items outside of this proposal will be addressed as new services and handled accordingly.

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